body art artist Anastasia Gur'yanova

The amazing space of space. Flight to the distant, unknown worlds. galactic sounds, mysterious whisper, coming from the abyss of emptiness. And return to earth, so fragile and dear, on that little blue ball, lost somewhere in the vastness of the vast Universe...

And in one particle of dust the whole great earth is contained, one flower blooms, and the whole universe rises with it. And this flower is called "Lily". Beautiful nymph - water lily (lotus).

Very remarkable, that it is the water lily that acts as the source of the emergence of the world from the void and cosmic waters, creations, symbol of the gods, who created the world, as well as the sun gods. And thus symbolizes the past, present and future.

"Lily" - flower of July. This is when water lilies begin to bloom.. A flower is born in the dark and deep abyss of waters, and to get out of the water, into the sphere of air, stretches with a long green stem up to the warm, penetrating rays of the sun, and it blooms over the water. certainly, the flower is a decoration of the waters and everything around, devoted joy, mutual sympathetic gaze of the sun. The flower loves light very much, it can open up just like when the sun rises, and also when the moon rises. As the water lily flower grows, the universe grows.

Flower petals give rise to rivers, valleys, hills, mountains. They resemble the vast rays of the sun, represent the divine source of life.

This is why the lotus flower represents joy, the embodiment of sincerity, cleanliness, birth, fertility, revival, durability, determination, harmony and prosperity.

And also a symbol of perfection, since its leaves, flowers and fruits form a circle.
Proven, what exactly are flowers, and their serene tenderness restores in us all the diminishing trust in the world...

Flowers surround us throughout our lives, give joy, represent love and attention. People often resorted to their tender, confidential, romantic language, to explain without words. Body art, on a female body in the form of a nymph flower - a water lily "Lily" most reveals the feminine and sensitive nature.

After all, flowers, are the remains of paradise on a planet like Earth.


The body art festival took place on the night of Ivan Kupala 6 on 7 July 2015 of the year, in the park of the 30th anniversary of Victory. Cherkassy.

The organization of the holidays “You Never Even Dreamed of” brought together ten artists to participate in body art. We confidently reached the finals and received first place in the competition!). Victory was ours)!

We were happy and pleasantly surprised that we were among the three finalists. Image "Lily". Beautiful nymph - water lily (lotus), which was presented under number “3” became happy for us on this day, and brought us first place.

Very remarkable, what exactly people rated all the participants, short visited the holiday, such as Ivana Kupala.

Thanks to my beautiful model Lena Ivashchenko, who posed and performed in the image of “Liley”. Beautiful nymph - water lily (lotus) based on T. D. Shevchenko. Also, special thanks to our photographer Valery Sichkar, for the wonderful photos, and thank you so much to all the people! who supported us that day and supported us.