Mysterious nightlights, mystery, Both the infinity ... The appearance of her woven shimmer cold and distant starlight, that passes smoothly to the lighting gentle, tёplomu, living world, Light Magic Lantern. These fabulous and bright glow we whisper a joyful way - the way of self and its desires, new and true. Once again, infinity ... Wise and a clear view of the stars, penetrate your, filling the heart warm.
the magic is born, the, that originates in the mysterious night forest, that caresses the branches of ancient oaks, that covers the ground snow-white veil, that looks to the dark depths of the waters in the sky.
Often look to the sky and the stars. when sad, when that - it will not turn, then come on the air and remain alone with the sky. Then the soul will calm down.
probably, but you, that you will see for yourself the amazing: small has more and more lives in a small. Like the birth of something new - and live. What is it about this deep infinity we find a piece of itself.
Every living being is a kind of "lantern". His inner light energy, his love and true kindness - is the force, that illuminates everything around him and gives comfort, warm and joy.
A copy of the picture painted in my performance of the famous illustrator - artist Rob Scotton (Rob Scotton), and his series of paintings "Lamb Russell» ("Russell the Sheep") long been the source of the heat, joy, smiles, fairy tales and miracles. After all, miracles happen allows the desire to believe!