Oil Paintings

“Kaleidoscope Eastern metamorphosis” first

solo exhibition of paintings.

"How in the world is changing, and how we change it.

Create understanding for yourself, and understand not anyone else at the same time.

All former state - do not stay, can not return.

In fact, the, we create - we are not alone, us much.

We are living, soluble ... »

8 December 2016 year opened the first solo exhibition of paintings "The Metamorphosis," in the house of the Government Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, g. Kiev, str. Grushevskogo 12/2, 6-second floor.

The exhibition features 47 author of paintings. These pictures are collected from 5 different lots, and each series has its understanding, values ​​and metamorphosis.

Personal exhibition of paintings by international, because it was me the two countries represented:Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

And this:

-series "Kaleidoscope Eastern metamorphosis";

(stories about, where the roots and returning home, legends, tales and mysticism)

-series "This amazing underwater world";

(stories about, that the world is a mystery, and we are not familiar with many, that surrounds us, and still we explore and find new and not a slave, and the journey will help us to see this wonderful world ...)

-a series of "Pink Dolphins, unicorns, flamingos ";

(stories about, that is, those creatures, which make us wonder and mystery to confirm this ....)

-a series of "Flower of improvisation";

(story about, that flowers are the remnants of paradise on the planet like - Earth.)

-a series of "fruity taste";

(story about, that fruit - it is the food of the gods.)

certainly, through pictures trying to reveal the beauty and charm of the world, interacting with all others that we create around the atmosphere, atmosphere and inspires. Art without borders, so it is infinite. There is no framework for understanding and no restrictions, and vice versa - is the path to understanding with all countries and exchange of cultural achievements, and, support different sides.

The exhibition will delight visitors of a few months, with 8 December 2016 — 28 February 2017 meeting new year.

Byhurry up and take a closer look into the world of creativity.

Thank you very much for your cooperation assistants in the organization of the opening of the exhibition.

Personal exhibition of paintings