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It is very interesting to paint landscapes alternating, portraits, icon, abstraction, body art, animals, etc.. This makes it possible to preserve the freshness of perception and enjoyment of art.

Through paintings try to open: the beauty and charm of the world of things, an immediate and involuntary human being, nature, show a harmonious blend of color relationships of shapes and textures.

The work is considered important to preserve the purity of color and brightness, grasp the characteristics of living emotions.

The world of things, consisting mostly of completely different items with a long gone, always excited me, in them I am trying to find a new and mysterious.

Study of the smallest detail shows my love of classical art. A color palette of rich and vibrant colors inspired by the love of this style as Impressionism. Greatly impressed and interested in different styles, especially such as: surrealism, Fantasy, mystical genres, where I can diversify his style of writing and learn something new and beautiful.

I would like to get my work brings you a piece of my soul warmth, pleasing and always inspired. Enjoy watching. I hope, You will like my work.

Your artist Anastasia Guryanov.

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