painting art painter Guryanov Anastasia

The cooperation of all stakeholders.

If you:

  • ART- managers to find customers and sales.
  • marketers, art-Dealers Sales and exhibitions of paintings.
  • organizers, You have organizational skills.
  • Gallery owners and event managers, curators in organizing exhibitions and events.
  • PR-managers.
  • Media sponsors.
  • Assistant murals, Collaboration.
  • creative representative.
  • "A good artist meet with a good buyer the future pictures)!»

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Is ready to consider any mutually beneficial cooperation proposals, including cooperation with the organizers of events, studios, salons, galleries, galeristami, managers, art-dealers, art director, photographers, designers, artists, shops, advertisers…

The organization of the exhibition 10-20 paintings. Master Class. Body art performances.

I'd be happy to meet good partners and customers to collaborate on mutually beneficial conditions. Collaboration with the artist – This development in the area tvorchestva and obtaining additional profits.

partners – mutually beneficial partnership conditions. Placing your ad, brand name, logo, shop to go to your website, social work, additional income.

Also open for negotiation and your proposals for cooperation.

Salon-shop – paintings on the implementation of, on profitable terms.

festive event, festival, receiving master: bright and a memory representation of body art collaboration (body art) makeup, akvagrim, mehendi, glitter tattoo, on mutually beneficial conditions.

sponsors – advertising. Want to, to learn about you as many people as possible? Assist in the organization of artistic events.

journals, books, publishers- offer decorations, andinstructional purposes.

The creators of interiors, construction and architecture – become a reliable partner and complement your interior paintings, also artistic painting walls.

theater- Partnership in the design and creation of decoration projects.

We are looking for each other? I shall be glad to meet you)

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