You can order these services from the artist as:

  • Author's oil paintings, acrylic;
  • Modular pictures ( poliptih, triptych, diptych);
  • Portraits oil (different style from classical and pop art, and other styles);
  • Portraits simple, colored pencils, crayons;
  • watercolor portrait, acrylic;
  • A copy of paintings by famous artists;
  • Thanka (medicine.: reydri) theme” thangkas - various Buddha aspects, for practicing meditation.
  • Murals, ceiling;
  • Orthodox icons, Temple painting;
  • Decorating and design festivals and events.
  • Body art (body art) BODY PAINTING - painted over the whole body, for a variety of festivals, body art photo session, of shares, activities;
  • Akvagrim, Face art, makeup on your face for children and adults, the different holidays;
  • temporary tattoos: henna, glitter tattoo (glitter tattoo), mehndi - henna body painting;
  • Master - class on painting, private lessons;
  • Outdoor advertising layout development. Form style, design, logo (computer graphics).
  • nail sphere: manicure, gel coating varnish, Art painting nails.

Together with the artist, you can create a picture of the author, and give it, their unique characteristics.

Gallery of pictures here paintings gallery

Price price.

artist services

100% HANDWORK! wire. :096- 23-988-25

price for PICTURE custom or PORTRAIT – Negotiable.

Price depends on the complexity of the work, style, genres, equipment, size of the canvas or paper, time.

price for BODY ART, art – Face (akvagrim), mehendi, glitter tattoo also contract.

Price depends on the complexity, plot size, flow material portion, the style of the selected pattern.

wall painting

Exclusive interior for your office, houses, salon, cafe or restaurant! The cost of work depends on the complexity, is: ( stenciled on 10 – 20 $ an average of 50$ and higher, per square meter). It all depends on the complexity of the work. Price as a whole and individually negotiated.

design – design

CATEGORY: Dyzayn_design
– Logo development
– Development of outdoor advertising
(small, posters, booklets, calendars, avatars for groups…)

title 1 OPTION






1 logo (color and black and white) 300-600 600-1000 1000-2000
2 business card 500 800 1000-1500
Clearance group VKontakte (avatars)
500 850 1000-1500
4 posters 300 -500 1000 1000-1500
Period of execution:from 5 to 10 working days.

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