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How to order pictures?

You can order a picture of one of the following ways:

1. Describe in detail the, that you would like to see in the picture

and specify the size.

2. If you have a picture of a memorable and dear to you place, and you wanted to capture it on canvas, then send a photo with letter. Also, specify the size of the desired pattern and your wishes.

3. Send to portrait 3 — 4 version in high quality pictures. (best suited professional).

Also, In addition to paintings, You can order this service by the artist as:

  • Murals;
  • icons, Temple painting.
  • Decorating and design festivals and events.
  • Body art - painting on the body, for a variety of festivals, body art photo session;
  • Akvagrim , makeup on your face for children and adults, at various events;
  • temporary tattoos: henna, glitter tattoo, mehendi – body painting:
  • Outdoor advertising layout development. Form style, design, logo (computer graphics).
  • Master – class on painting, private lessons.

artist services here service and price artist prices

Gallery of pictures here paintings gallery

Together with the artist, you can create a picture of the author, and give it, their unique characteristics.


Custom oil paintings and portraits - is at least 2-3 weeks before the date of) Please inform in time the artist.

The clear picture of the order - without waiting.

Payment and delivery of custom paintings in Ukraine and abroad.

Price for the painting contract

1. Delivery - New mail Ukraine. "C.O.D"

2. The cost of sending and delivery time depends on the remoteness of the destination.

You can pay part of the amount in person at the meeting, if you are in the city of Cherkassy.

I take 50 % advance payment for the painting, is the cost of the materials that I will apply to your order.

bank transfer:

You can pay for the goods, transfer to a bank card or through the system PrivatBanka “Privat24”, or through the self-service terminal. terminals Privat – 0,5% komisciya. http://maps.privatbank.ua/

The painting is sent without registration, for, what would you yourself were able to pick up the frame for your taste or interior. If you need a finished decorated picture frame that is discussed further in person. Framed picture is sent in a frame (all inclusive).

Sale of paintings abroad.

When buying paintings abroad is detailed and additional information with each separately, Payment for orders made in advance.

After you specify your address, calculate and report the amount of your co-pay for transportation, packaging and cost expertise.

International money transfer:

If you want to get a picture in Ukraine, but are outside Ukraine, you can pay for a picture with the help of international money transfer systems like:
«CONTACT» → → How to send where to send, as well as by credit card.

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