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Art painting of T-shirts, clothes on the theme of Ukraine.

We support Ukraine, creativity, culture, and in a variety of ways. Drawings, creating patriotic, Ukrainian theme, contribute to increased efficiency and provide strength to fight against enemy enemies for the Ukrainian people! And that such clothes can be ordered from us, and that this is handmade art work. We launched the project – share, which is called: #scream internally. The campaign #proviynutrebakryat consists of…

watercolor painting. Master Class

We invite children and moms to the master – class in watercolor painting, on the topic “Who can not sleep at night” . This air and light paint that will not leave anyone indifferent not. A magical and fabulous landscapes awaken not only to your dreams but will add brilliance to your dreams. A meeting place for the art studio where we will be glad to see each other)…

leggy “PICTURES”: In Cherkassi -Models Female converted into artwork

fabulous, magical and extravagant body creates with paint Anastasia Guryanova. To write such “live” pictures, It requires not only skill and experience, but also an outstanding exposure as an artist, and models. On peculiarities of body art cherkaschanka told the website http://vikka.ua “My models, who have never dabbled in body art, often ask:” endure for so long stand?…

Master – Painting Class. Visualization of the picture. Painting with Oil

Master – Painting Class Painting visualization. Becoming an artist is easy! And we will help you with this) We invite you to a master class in painting. Oil painting. All drawing materials are provided, and included in the cost of the lesson.. Lesson duration 3-5 o'clock. You get a master class and a finished oil painting on canvas, written with a professional…

Exhibition of Paintings “Chervone” – The Universal Color of Love.

Painting “Pomegranate Nymph” Recently, an exhibition of paintings “Chervone” opened in the Cherkasy Regional Art Museum. This is a unique spectacle, because all the works have one common and dominant color - red. The exhibition presents paintings in red from different directions and techniques.: like painting, graphics, artistic photo, textile, ceramics from 46 Cherkasy artists and everything 59 works. » —…

Russell 'Bodysuit' ("Russell The Sheep")

Mysterious nightlights, mystery, Both the infinity ... The appearance of her woven shimmer cold and distant starlight, that passes smoothly to the lighting gentle, tёplomu, living world, Light Magic Lantern. These fabulous and bright glow we whisper a joyful way - the way of self and its desires, new and true. Once again, infinity ... Wise and a clear view of the stars,…

Картина Лунный Зайчик

Картина Лунный зайчик, на сказочную тематику. Сказочные картины от художника Гурьяновой Анастасии. press!

Жемчужина — Дар Морских Глубин. Картины авторские

Жемчужина — дар морских глубин. Картины авторские Тёмной ночью когда лишь сверкали звезды и на небе сияла одинокая луна на океан спустились ангелы, и в глубину бездны спрятали небесный дар, не похожий ни на кого…И ангелы сказали — «что только любящее и смелое сердце сможет почувствовать и найти этот дар, что лишь умный сможет по достоинству

КартинаЕдинения» — солнца и подсолнуха, неба и земли.

КартинаЕдинения» — солнца и подсолнуха, неба и земли.Однажды из подводных глубин выплыла прекрасная русалка на берег в степи. Она захотела прилечь и отдохнуть среди чудесного пейзажа вокруг. Очарованная ярким светом, теплом желтого песка, сочными травяными покровами и полевыми цветами, сладким пеньем райских птиц, что так и усыпали ее нежное лицо, русалка удивительно наблюдала

Kubera - Keeper Hidden Treasures. Yantra and wiser.

Kubera - Keeper Hidden Treasures. Patron and protector of the northern side of the world, keeper of many precious treasures, all lurk deep in the mountains and the depths. The God of Wealth diligently guarding is not considered a treasure of gold, silver, pearls and precious stones, and carefully monitoring their integrity, from those, кто хочет получить их легким и не справедливым путем… Его