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Art painting of T-shirts, clothes on the theme of Ukraine.

Мы поддерживаем Украину, творчеством, культурой, и самыми разными путями. Рисунки, создающие на патриотическую, украинскую тематику, способствуют повышению эффективности и придают силы для борьбы против вражеских врагов для украинского народа! И что такую одежду можна заказать у нас, и что это ручная художественная работа. Мы запустили проектакцию, которая называется: #провійнутребакричати. Акция #провійнутребакричати заключается в

Akvagrim- drawings on the face, Temporary tatoos.

Профессиональный гример с помощью гипоаллергенных красок создаст удивительные образы любимых персонажей. Дети любят примерять на себя роли героев из сказок или мультфильмов, поэтому аквагрим на День рождения ребенка станет отличной идеей разнообразить мероприятие. Аквагрим – это яркая роспись лица, которая обеспечивает по-настоящему волшебное перевоплощение.

Pinata for the holiday. Making piñatas.

“Themed piñata for a holiday for adults and children. A game for your birthday, party and bright unusual funny surprise. We make custom made piñata from 1st to 3 days. The diameter of the average piñata consists of – 110 cm. The weight of various sweets is permissible up to one and a half kilograms. For sale the piñata goes empty inside. Buyers fill it in separately….

course mehendi – body painting

Creative course, and you have a new PROFESSIYA🎨🙃☝️ participates COURSE mehendi – body painting! If you want to learn new creative skills, discover a new hidden abilities and talents and become a master of painting + still earn it, then you Us) Do not worry if you do not when you do not painted,…

leggy “PICTURES”: In Cherkassi -Models Female converted into artwork

fabulous, magical and extravagant body creates with paint Anastasia Guryanova. To write such “live” pictures, It requires not only skill and experience, but also an outstanding exposure as an artist, and models. On peculiarities of body art cherkaschanka told the website “My models, who have never dabbled in body art, often ask:” endure for so long stand?…

The drawing portraits in pencil from a photograph

🎄ВНИМАНИЕ! PORTRAIT DRAWING! 🎁 30 December in the New Year holidays for you to win a free PORTRAIT color or a simple pencil on paper, A3 (30x40) A4 or your choice. Your artist Guryanov Anastasia. ! TERMS OF DRAWING :! 1. Be a subscriber to facebook @ art.guryanova 2. Like this post 3. Do repost this record or delete…

Portraits oil, in pencil. Ukraine. Cherkassy, Kiev.

Your dream of self-portraits has never been closer! I will help you make an original and memorable gift. Perform oil portraits, pencil on a photo under the order: color, pencils, oil, acrylic and water colors. PORTRAIT oil on canvas pencil on handmade paper) Surprise your loved ones original gift! Short time, pictures, portraits of any complexity! I paint with love! delivery time! Quality assurance 100%…

Who are they? The alien or the amazing bird-fish?

This amazing underwater world. Meeting under water and familiarity with fish hedgehog, ramps, dolphins and other marine life, increasingly fascinates me. The underwater world teeming with life of incredible inhabitants. Who are they? The alien or the amazing bird-fish? certainly, thought everyone who met with you in the depths of the sea or ocean water the inhabitants of these beautiful and was very impressed and happy to discover…

Master Class -” Henna mehndi”

Master Class – “Henna mehndi” We invite all interested (children 10 years and adults) 20.05.2018p. a master class on mehendi (henna painting on the body). MK conducts the artist Anastasia Guryanov (Cherkassy). Participant of many exhibitions, festivals and artistic art shares. Duration 2 no., g. Novomyrhorod details, REGISTRATION REQUIRED by phone. 067-186-47-17 (Tata Mostovaya) program MK: 1. history mehendi. 2….

International Contemporary Art Fair “intermission XV”. Cherkassy

“Antrakt KhV” This year, it has become an international! 12 April at the Regional Art Museum that Khreshchatyk street 259, Cherkasy city has opened an international exhibition of contemporary art paintings “Antrakt KhV”. Exhibition – a project called “interlude” which organizes the modern well-known Ukrainian artist Vladimir Yakovets, takes place every year and the beginning of its – 2006 year. This year was attended by artists not only…